Wedding Planning in the Age of Coronavirus

So! You’re planning your biggest day, and now… this. How do you navigate wedding planning in the age of Covid 19? Don’t even worry, I gotchu! I’m gonna walk you through- step by step- how to make sure your day goes off without a hitch!


So first things first, figure out if Coronavirus is even going to affect your big day. If your wedding isn’t until summer 2021… chances are you’re safe. Keep an eye on everything, but don’t stress yourself out about something that may very well not have an impact on your wedding day. If your wedding is still several months away, you might still be able to purchase wedding insurance- something frequently overlooked, but now proving to be a useful secret weapon!


If your date happens to fall within the next 3-6 months, the first thing you’re going to want to do is check your contracts. Most of us vendors did not plan on a global pandemic shaking things up like this, so please forgive us for maybe not explicitly having a coronavirus clause. What any good contract should however have, is a force majeure or Act of God clause. This is in no way legal advice, but! That force majeure clause ought to give some insight on how easy it will be to make changes to your event. Every contract is written differently, so walk through yours with a fine-toothed comb. Do this for each of your vendors, starting with the big ones that your wedding would fall apart without: venue, photographer, florist, caterer, DJ, etc.

The other thing to check within your contracts is the rescheduling and cancellation clause. Personally, I have waived all of my rescheduling fees, and I would encourage all of my recommended vendors to do the same. If your vendors aren’t waiving those fees, it can’t hurt to ask if they would consider it.


Only you can answer what is the most important part of your big day. There’s no right or wrong answer, because it’s about what you want. So- what’s more important? Saying “I do” and starting forever, or celebrating your love with friends and family? The reason you have to ask this is because one path will take you to keeping with your original date (we’ll get there in a minute) and one will have you rescheduling your big celebration. Either is fine as long as they’re both done safely.


So once you decide which path to take- rescheduling or moving full steam ahead (or a combination of both!).

If you want to move forward, some couples may want to explore the idea of having a little virtual / live streamed ceremonies for their friends and families. This is super easy and can be shared to everyone, so they can watch it anywhere with a wifi connection. This way they dont miss out on your vow exchange, first dance, or even the cake cutting.

While these solutions can feel like a good substitute for the traditional wedding, other couples may wish to use these as a temporary stand-in and postpone their big weddings for another day, maybe in fall of 2020, or even in 2021. If you choose to reschedule, do reach out to your favorite vendors first to ensure their availability before reaching out to those vendors who you maybe didn’t quite develop a relationship with. Obviously you want to retain as many vendors as possible, but starting with your favourites will give you peace of mind going into the rescheduling process.

If you decide to move ahead with your date right now- maybe saying “I do” and being married already is the most important thing- consider an intimate elopement instead of a ceremony. This idea is already growing in popularity, even more so now with Coronavirus upon us. Grab your partner, an officiant, and a photographer, and make a plan! If you don’t know where to start, reach out! I’ve got tons of elopement resources I would love to pass along to you!

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